According to Plato, doxa, reflected by the world of Ideas, is the knowledge of perception and the accuracy of which cannot be attributed to any reality, unproved assumption.

Now then, doxa is a popular opinion or common belief of people which are not proved.

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For us, the ideas are important. Whoever says that, and said whatever. We always believe that every idea will enchance us.

Result and Solution Oriented

We aimed to solve all the problems regardless of the causes and the sources of it. We have concentrated on the solutions instead of the causes of the mistakes.


The most important emotion that a firm must have. The trust which we have established between the individuals and the firms is the primary reason of our rapid progress.

The Notion of Quality:

During our office furniture solutions, we are showing great effort to produce within the global standards without compromising the craftsmanship, material and quality. We are providing comfort to people at their offices by following the current trends of the world and manufacturing products that are both functional and parallel with the human ergonomics.


We are continuing our research and development activities to turn offices into more livable areas. Within the projects which we pursue with colleges, we are designing products that are more ergonomic and addressing to visuality.