According to Plato, doxa, reflected by the world of Ideas, is the knowledge of perception and the accuracy of which cannot be attributed to any reality, unproved assumption.

“Now then, doxa is a popular opinion or common belief of people which are not proved.”

Descartes has refused the colors since they are not proved. Many philosophers have despised doxa that is defined as: “although it seems real, it is not”. Maybe, without thinking mathematics and music are also doxa. Isn’t it the colors that designate our choices most of the time? While they were questioning the truth, they neglect the doxa (imitation of the truth). They were featuring mind in object-mind relationship, but ignoring the fact that doxa is created by the mind itself.

Life is doxa. The life is all about holding on “truths” that we create in our minds. Doxa is the origin of both happiness and misery. Individuals build their own doxa by themselves.

Life is doxa. Living and even being an individual is doxa. Emotions and perceptions are doxa as well. We are looking at our lives, which have been built by doxa, and we feel joy, grief, suffering and longing. Sometimes living is about holding on all of these tightly. Each and every person will recognize doxa or they will be lost in the illusion of their false facts.

“We wish that all problems around the world could be solved on the desk.”

Here, our starting point was our own doxa. Our aim is to reach each and every doxa by including our love, confidence, emotions perceptions and beliefs to our products; meeting all expectations through design, color and our esthetic sentiments. We are eager to create peaceful places. We are not chasing the absolute truth and reality.